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Locomotive Parts and Accessories – Others

Locomotive Pump
Water Pumps, Lube Oil Pumps, Scavenging Pumps and Turbo-Soak-Back Pumps are assembled and tested with dedicated testing facility for Improved performance without any leak.

Locomotive Customized Special Fuel Filter Assembly
Our improved fuel filters assemblies are proven in diesel locomotives for its best performance and maintainability. We offer filter assemblies with 100 % Millipore tested cast part for improved performance of filters. Improved seal ring to avoid the fuel leaks at the sight glass area Improved clevis assembly for better holding of the sight glass. Certified check valves used for its long lasting performance in locomotive. Certified primary filters are used for its long lasting performance in locomotive.

Locomotive Gear Cases
Locomotive and Metro traction motor Gear Cases (both Aluminum & Fabricated) with the improved performance against leak testing and leak free welding joints along with gaskets and seals.

Locomotive Lube oil strainer Housing
Radiography passed aluminum castings manufactured in house using the state of art in house aluminum foundry facility machined with best dimensional controls.



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